About Us

The European distributor of Ice2Recover is an organisation dedicated to providing high quality services to clients and customers and has a set of key principles at its heart that support that delivery.

Part of the vision is to support charitable activity in the UK and Ice2recover income will be donated to Age Concern Birmingham, an organization that provides dedicated services and advice to thousands of older individuals and carers every year. Ice2recover is proud to support their good work.

By linking with its American counterpart, ice2recover here in the UK recently embarked on a new venture to introduce this unique product to the UK and European market – the ice2recover gel mask.

Ice2Recover USA was founded by an American women who is always keen to find products that reinvigorate youth.  Years were spent researching, testing and redesigning a full face reusable cooling gel mask that offers both beauty and health benefits for people of all ages.  Money gained from sales in the USA is again used to support charitable activity and this is one of the founding principles of the organization that is replicated in the UK and Europe distribution.

For more information about Age Concern Birmingham and the work that they do, please visit: http://www.ageconcernbirmingham.org.uk/