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by on December 12, 2014

Facial Pain ReliefThe Ice 2 Recover cooling gel mask is the perfect recovery product for anyone who has experienced facial surgery or facial beauty treatments. The cooling effects of the Ice 2 Recover mask helps reduce swelling from surgical procedures and mange pain. For people who have had a chemical peel or laser treatment, the Ice 2 Recover cooling mask helps relieve the stinging or tingling sensation often felt immediately after having these procedures.

Designed from latex-free ultra-soft material and filled with a non-toxic gel, the Ice 2 Recover cooling gel mask is large enough to cover the entire face at one time. Unlike ice packs that can only provide relief in one area at a time, the Ice 2 Recover mask provides relief to all affected areas at once.

Additionally, the Ice 2 Recover mask has the ability to contour to the structure of your face. This means that every area of your skin receives the cooling effects of the mask at one time. Ice packs usually cannot conform to your facial contours and only treat one area at a time. This does not provide total relief and delays swelling reduction and healing.

The Ice 2 Recover mask has two Velcro straps that allow the users to comfortably secure the mask to their face. This helps keep it in place regardless of movement so your face will stay cool. While it is encouraged for people to lie down and relax for a faster recovery, the tasks of life still occur and people need to move about. Moving around in comfort improves mood and aids in recovery.

The Ice 2 Recover mask has also been shown to be a great asset in regular beauty treatments. Applying the mask for a short period of time every day can help reduce the natural welling and puffiness that occurs. This puffiness can cause your skin to stretch and sag, giving it wrinkles and an older appearance. By reducing this puffiness on a regular basis you fight aging and help keep your skin stay firm.

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Anyone who is interested in keeping their skin looking its best will benefit from using the Ice 2 Recover cooling gel face mask as part of their routine. If you want it for everyday use, or as a recovery aid for facial surgery or chemical peels, the Ice 2 Recover gel face mask will always provide comfort and results. Perfect for men or women, this mask is the key to your beauty success. With regular use it will help your face look great .  A cooling gel mask is refreshing to the mind and reduces swelling, leaving those tired and puffy eyes behind and your face looking and feeling great.

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