Tighten Skin Solution Therapy

by afoxall@ageconcernbirmingham.org.uk on October 2, 2014

The Ice 2 Recover gel mask was Relief is here blue copy2originally designed as a recovery product for facial surgery. Quickly it was discovered that the mask also provided extensive relief from the discomfort of facial laser treatments or chemical peels. Now, many people have incorporated the Ice 2 Recover mask into their daily beauty routine because of the skin tightening benefits.

This new tighten skin solution therapy has become increasingly popular because of the ease of treatment and the outstanding benefits. Users of the Ice 2 Recover mask simply place their mask in the refrigerator in the morning and when they arrive home take it out and place it on their face for a few minutes.

The coolness of the gel reduces swelling and puffiness that occur each day. This therapy helps skin stay firm and tight and reduces the impact that swelling has on creating wrinkles. As an additional bonus, using this type of skin care treatment gives you a reason to truly relax after a hard day, and everyone deserves this luxury.

The Ice 2 Recover mask is a full-faced mask that is ultra-soft and filled with gel that when used, gently conforms to the contours of your face. The product is latex-free to ensure that everyone can use the mask without issue.

The mask is easily attached with the two Velcro straps which will allow you to move around freely while reaping the benefits of the mask. The mask is designed to accommodate women or men and is even available in different colors.

Everyday your face endures many hardships. Pollution, weather, and even air conditioning can cause your skin to swell and be damaged. Taking the timFacial Pain Reliefe each day to naturally reduce the swelling by using the Ice 2 Recover mask is an easy holistic approach to beauty maintenance.

Additionally, if you decide to have facial plastic surgery or a chemical or laser treatment to your face, you will find that the Ice 2 Recover mask is perfect to aid in your recovery. The mask gently reduces the swelling after facial surgery and aids in a seedy recovery. The coolness from the mask also helps reduce the stinging sensation often associated with laser treatments or chemical peels.

It is amazing how one Ice 2 Recover gel mask can have so many uses in your beauty routine. This affordable, re-useable mask is a tool that every person should take advantage of ecase of its multiple benefits.

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France November 15, 2014 at 11:47 am

I’m not one to sit long enough to relax, but once my mask goes on and I kick back—-awww it feels SO good. One of the best parts of my day. Thank you for this amazing product!


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